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Multi-award winning author of romantic suspense.

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Rescued by a Hero

A missing child, a mother’s despair, a hero seeking redemption.

Dan Cooper, former special agent of the FBI has been plagued by the disappearance of Bree McKenney for three long years. It was the case that derailed the trajectory of his career. It was the one time he blurred the lines and let his feelings get in the way of his job. 

He made a mistake… A mistake that may have caused a child her life.

Rebecca McKenney knew the meaning of unconditional love the moment she held her baby girl in her arms. But that joy was stolen from her when Bree vanished without a trace. For three torturous years, Rebecca has been caught in a spiral of despair. 

And then, a chilling vision of Bree suggests her daughter might still be alive. 

But no one believes her.

Having to turn to Dan Cooper is almost worse than the torture of the past three years but she’d endure anything to get her daughter back. Besides… he owes her.

Despite their disastrous past, time is running out, and every step closer to finding Bree leads Dan and Rebecca deeper into deception and evil.

Read this romantic suspense, second chance adventure today.

L Mae

“I read an entire novel today, from start to finish. I didn’t intend to – I had things scheduled for today, but once I started, I couldn’t put it down…” 


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